About me

Hello, I’m a second-year MSCS student (incoming Ph.D. student) at Georgia Tech specializing in Machine Learning. I am working on assessing the synthetic-to-real generalization of vision modules for aerial imagery under the guidance of Prof. Judy Hoffman.

In Spring 2023, I worked at the NerDS (Neural Data Science) Lab at Georgia Tech under the guidance of Prof. Eva Dyer and Ran Liu. We worked on solving domain-shifting issues in domain generalization by utilizing sample-to-sample relationships.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at MIT Manipal, India in 2022, where I was extremely fortunate to conduct research under Prof. Harish Kumar J. R. and Prof. Ujjwal Verma.

I was fortunate enough to conduct my Bachelor’s thesis at the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab (AIRL) in IISc Bangalore, mentored by Prof. Suresh Sundaram and Dr. Chandan Gautam. During my undergraduate studies, I was an AI Developer at Project MANAS, where I contributed to the development of their self-driving car. I was also a member of the Research Society Manipal, where I began my research journey.

My research interests span several areas, including Computer Vision, NLP, Semi/Self-supervised Learning, Zero-Shot Learning, Domain Adaptation/Generalization, and Continual Learning. I am particularly interested in developing deep learning solutions using minimal or no supervision. My ultimate goal is to create intelligent systems that can learn from and adapt to the complex, ever-changing environments we encounter in the real world.

In my free time, I enjoy sharing my research interests and insights by streaming research paper explanations on my YouTube channel. I invite you to check out my CV and contact me if you are interested in collaborating.

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