About me

Hello, I’m a first-year MSCS student at Georgia Tech specializing in Machine Learning. My research is currently focused on domain generalization by leveraging sample-to-sample relationships at the Neural Data Science Lab (NerDS) under the supervision of Prof. Eva Dyer. I am also working on assessing the synthetic-to-real generalization of vision modules for aerial imagery under the guidance of Prof. Judy Hoffman.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at MIT Manipal, India in 2022, where I was fortunate enough to conduct research at the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab (AIRL) in IISc Bangalore, mentored by Prof. Suresh Sundaram and Dr. Chandan Gautam. I have also conducted research under Prof. Harish Kumar J. R. at MIT, Manipal. During my undergraduate studies, I was an AI Developer at Project MANAS, where I contributed to the development of their self-driving car. I was also a member of the Research Society Manipal, where I began my research journey.

My research interests span several areas, including Computer Vision, NLP, Semi/Self-supervised Learning, Zero-Shot Learning, Domain Adaptation/Generalization, and Continual Learning. I am particularly interested in developing deep learning solutions using minimal or no supervision. My ultimate goal is to create intelligent systems that can learn from and adapt to the complex, ever-changing environments we encounter in the real world.

In my free time, I enjoy sharing my research interests and insights by streaming research paper explanations on my YouTube channel. I am currently seeking ML research positions for the summer of 2023, and I invite you to check out my CV and contact me if you are interested in collaborating. Let’s make progress together!




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